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Discover how the future is changing fast and what skills you will need for the future career. ​

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Who Future Five Career Program is for

Who want to keep themselves updated to the trends in career.

who wants to Know about their strengths and build them.

Who wants to sharpen the skills in community.

Join Future five Career Program

Take All Future Five Career Tests online from the comfort of your home. As soon as you complete the test your tests will be processed. and on the same day a counselling call will be done on zoom or phone. 

  • Registration

    You will get a Registration fulfilment call.  Link to the tests will be emailed to you. 

  • Processing

    The tests will be processed by our Assessment team and immediately a call time will be fixed as per the availability of both psychologist and you. 

  • Counselling

    The call will cover all the details as per your choice of test edition.During the call you can ask questions and know about the tests and complete career guidance. 

  • Mentor-ship (Standard & Premium Edition)

    Mentor-ship and Experiment Phase. Blended Experiential learning. Skill building and Strength mapping. Longform & Shortform strategy Roadmaps.

Get Clarity and awareness, faster and with less effort.

Promise of Future Five

You will be clear with your skills, strength and mindset, 

so that you can chose an appropriate path.



Pratik Talwar

Visual Storyteller at Authentica

I am currently working as a visual Storyteller. I attended my first program back when I was still in school, when I was shy, and my self-esteem was not entirely what you would call healthy. The program gave me clarity about the opportunities there are for me out there. I worked on the skills needed even during my engineering. I am more confident than ever and am where I had seen myself when I had my first session.

Harshda Virge

Engineer at Mercedes Benz research and development

The perspective and the practices that Metamorphosis Future Five has thought me, gives me the strength and  stability to go through any day with confidence. My equanimity and sense of calmness in the face of all that life throws at me has certainly improved a lot.

Divya Mohta

Parent and culture Activist.

Career is an important section in the circle of life. I wanted my kids to know about themselves before they took any decision. And Metamorphosis Future Five supported them in that choice. Extensive tests were taken about ability, aptitude and emotions. These skill and qualities define them as a person rather than just what you do. Highly recommended.

What's Included

Basic Edition

Career testing + Counselling (30 minutes)

This Includes one Future Five test( a set of 7 different abilities test and can be taken at your time). No hassle no constrain. But many prefer to take it at a time. Your results will reach us our psychologists will do the assessments. A zoom or phone call of 30 minutes will be fixed with our career coach who will explain you the results and the career that you should go ahead with.     

Standard Edition of Future Five

3 of the All Future Five Tests

Includes 3 Future Five Test set which is designed to test different aspects of personality. All the tests are evidence based. These test will be administered and results will be given with counselling. A 40 minutes zoom call will be mutually fixed and accordingly set. You access to the online forum will be given after a month. A strategy for your skill tests will be given on the Future Five pentagon on the call. 

Premium Edition

Complete Future Five Tests And mentor world.

Includes all the tests and layers of future five tests. 40 minutes of counselling + another call of 30 minutes of Strategy discussion.  Access to our learning library. and complete access to the forum after one month. Mentor world meet the experts.

Process of Career Tests at Future Five 

A comprehensive Process from Awareness to Action.


Step1: Pre-Counselling

• What to expect: Our psychologist will walk you through the process of testing. According the test edition you have opted for. We have basic which covers only 7 tests of Ability. The standard covering 2 more and premium covering all the tests.

• Why these tests are conducted and how it will support us finding the interpretation.

• Explanation of Management of self while giving these tests. why they are different from your regular exams.

• Detailing of materials & stationary required during tests and counselling.


Step 2: Testing

• Mostly all are Time based with a few exceptions in Premium edition. All test are evidence based and validated some new tests are still under work but are used by many corporate and educational institute for new skill assessments.
• Even if these tests are time-bound they can be taken at anytime you want. But tests can only be taken once.
• Instructions have to be read properly as once the test starts you cannot return back to the instructions.
• If instructions are unclear you can setup a call with our psychologist for the same.
• Try to take these tests in a peaceful environment with less disturbance. Internet connection is must while taking these tests as all of them are web-based tests.
When you are done with the test You contact the concerned Psychologist and take the appointment for the main counselling session.


Step 3: Results

• Results will not be displayed at the end of testing. They be automatically be saved in our server till the counselling and then gets deleted. No data is saved unless taken permission from you.
 • The Raw scores received from the tests will be changed to stern score and processed by our team of psychologist.
• Results will be then mixed and matched to the personality tests and will me forwarded to the assessments team.


Step 4: Assessment and Interpretations

•  Assessments of the results are done by the team of psychologists.
• Interpretation of the same are done.  Some of these will also be done in the final counselling by asking certain questions.
• Basic report will be given to all. Detailed Analysis Reports are only included in the standard and premium Edition.


        Standard and premium edition  tests Assessments.

  • All Descriptive Assessments are based on Accuracy Vs Clarity model of assessment.
  • Extensive Documentation Versus Effective Communication. Reports will be made small but communicative with graphs and short write ups.
  • Chronological Structure for the Writer Versus Narrative Coherence for the Reader. All the reports will be made as

 Step 5: Counselling

• All the counselling sessions are done with mutual time and prior notice. 30 minutes of detailed counselling will be done. For the basic edition of tests. You can ask questions interrupting the counsellor is also welcome. The main purpose is clarity for the future path.

Standard and premium tests

· will be conducted with administration if required. The administration time will be excluded from the 4o minutes counselling.
·  Addition 15 minutes of strategy building is included.
·  A long tail strategy is inclusive in premium edition.
· The forum will be always open for more questions. But they will be answered according to the availability of the psychologist.


Step 6: Long tail strategy and Mentorship with gap-semester Techniques (Premium edition only)

• This will include Longtail strategy of career and ongoing support.
• Ground breaking ideas and execution is shared in the forms of online learning will be accessible to the premium users.
• Gap semesters are and amazing concept we have implemented with several people on ground training and mentorship is given in this. These will be conducted as and when the brewing events are conducted.

• Future mentor videos and talks with the people from your field should be attended at the same time if recordings of the same is done it will be uploaded with access to premium.


Step 7: Experimentation (Premium edition only)

• Career experiments will be taken with experts from various fields.
• Attend as many possible, you have something to learn from all.
• The idea of experimentation is to develop a Cross-Functional Skill-set. Experiment Driven people are willing to be wrong and experiment.


Clarify Everything, Achieve anything

Enroll Below and take a different journey.



  • Basic Career Tests
  • counselling (30 mins)
  • Basic report.

Open from 10th May 2020. 

₹ 10,000


  • Basic +2 Future five test
  • Test administration + Counselling(2 hours)
  • Skill outcome Report
  • One week support + Ongoing community support via forum
  • 3 month Graded Coaching..

Open from 8th May 2020. You can take the test.

₹ 25,000


Beta version 

  • Complete Future five
  • six month long mentor-ship
  • Development Plan
  • Immediate and Long Tail Strategy .
  • Ongoing community Support via Forum
  • Online Learning and mentor Videos

Next Starting 26 May 2020  

WhatsApp us be on the waiting list. 

Frequently asked questions

Yes, only basic editions cover 7 different ability tests it also covers counselling of 30 mins ideally this should be enough. But the new age and career challenges are so volatile and uncertain that keeping in touch on the forum knowing more about self can be a game changer. And if you can afford the premium edition do go for it. Premium includes some amazing training, learning and experimentation.


Yes, it’s a combination of several old and new tests. 90% tests are validated. Some recent tests for future skills etc are very new and combination latest information are under review.

Yes, it’s a combination of several old and new tests. 90% tests are validated. Some recent tests for future skills etc are very new and combination latest information are under review.


No, Forum is only accessible to one who has enrolled for standard and Premium edition.


Sure yes. If you find value in the basic test and can afford to go premium, we would suggest you do that. We take 100 basic,50 standard and 30 premium every month. Only if premium is fully done in that month then you may have to wait just for a few days till it is open again.


Our team of psychologist who are trained in future five method. All the counselling sessions are taken by psychologist with good amount of experience in the field of career coaching.


No, this computer-generated list gives out the name of the person registered to every psychologist. So, this is very random and in no situation, this will be changed.


No, there is no refund as we have team of psychologist who work on profit sharing bases. Most of our revenues are spent on the testing that we do and the counsellors are paid on revenue sharing. So, you can evaluate talk to us before registering any of our programs in future five.


It means your questions will be managed as and when needed through the form. We have team of mentor who do online sessions and they are group sessions but some of the mentors are also on the platform they may answer you directly.


Premium test assessment is time consuming and also the counselling is extensive that is the reason we don’t take more than 20 premium edition every month. Going forward with increases in our team we may think of expanding our intake.


Yes, all the tests are available on our portal a link will be given after the registration and pre-counselling.


No all tests are online and can be taken from any part of the world. We already have people from different background and ethnicities that participate in it.

Our office is located in Mumbai, INDIA.  We have a team that is scattered all over world who is behind this system and make it work.

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