How to be Confident About Uncertain Future Careers.

“We have reached the end of problem-solving. Problem-solving as a mode of inquiry. Mode capable of inspiring, mobilizing and sustaining human system change. The future of organization development belongs to methods that affirm, compel, and accelerate anticipatory learning. Learning involving larger and larger levels of collectivity. The new methods will be distinguished by the art and science of asking powerful, positive questions.” David Cooperrider

The future is grim, uncertain, and rarely predictable. What one needs to be confident is clarity. These are the two worlds in different realms together.  One unclear and the other needs clarity. One uncertain and the other needs firmness. So how do we get to a midge of both? A balance where we know we are approaching and uncertain dark future but with confidence. I would not say what is going to follow now is a sure shot solution to being confident. I would rather say it is an experiment on a largely. But it is definitely better than to tie your sail onshore. 

Let’s look at what are these uncertainties are before we go further. You buy a mobile phone, the latest version. It is only the latest for a week. By the end of that time a new company or the same comes up with an upgraded version. You still can work with the mobile do your stuff etc. But it is not the latest. In a year or so it won’t be able to download some apps and start behaving tired. Human beings are now not exactly but more or less like gadgets. As soon as you completed a degree no matter how new and polished. The moment you dry clean that graduation dress your degree starts deteriorating.

A career counselor that tells you what college to go to pursue a degree is as obsolete now, as your future degree. You need more than what college to select which field to get in. Something that makes your core like marble and not stone. So when the time arrives you can be sculpted according to the need of the hour.

“Brain development is directed by genes but sculpted by experiences.” Martin Teicher

Working on your “self”

Some concepts are centric. One thing which will be core to you is your own self. Things around you will change they will become good, bad, or ugly.

But the core, there is a partial control one has on self. what we want to do is to leverage that partial control. This leverage will distinguish you from the others. The changes in careers can be unpredictable. To be frank they can be even devastating. Even though change can be devastating but the self can decide how to deal with it. The realm of humanistic psychology deals with these positive aspects of self. All suffering arises from self-image. let’s ensure that we have created a robust image of ourselves that is not shaken by uncertainty.

Updating with trends. 

Trends are waves in the sea. you are surfing. Updating with trends is going to always be challenging. No matter when, where all that is the reason why we recommend that you always and always keep knowing. what is going on around the world? take a chance to figure out, find out, read a lot about all the latest information. That comes unsaid that follow different types of futurist. so that you know what are the different ideas that they are sharing. what are they expecting the future to be? Keeping an RSS feed of very important blogs is a must. Especially in the topic of your interest. you cannot predict whatever the different aspects of Technology are going to be. knowing about them will help.

No matter right now at what stage of career you are, don’t know coding? you should know it. It is even if you want to become an artist it is better you know the basics of computing. Try to learn and analyze all the different ways in which data gets represented. One of the biggest trends we can see currently is in data science. It is going to stay for a few years and eventually become a basic skill. We cannot say that surely it is going to stay for long. It is better to go for more different approaches than what currently is prevailing. Current trends may not remain tomorrow. So surfing these waves is the key. Stay curious and work on the curiosity.

Learning and unlearning

Any futurist can’t recommend you enough about learning. Learning, learning & learning that is how it is going to be. But then why so much of learning? why so much of learning is because there are going to be changes. As it’s been said from long back that the only thing constant is change. For all the changing technologies the only thing that you will have to keep on doing is learning. What will also become important along with learning is how you learn. You will have to know what are the different ways in which our mind learns. Basics you don’t have to be a researcher in psychology. How are you going to relate to data? Play with data, store & encode data. And finally your strategies to retrieve data. Learning how to retrieve when it is required.

I also want to stress the concept of Unschooling. “Unschooling takes a different approach: kids learn how to learn, how to teach themselves. If you know how to learn and how to teach yourself, then you are prepared for any future. Once you learn that you are a designer of your life you have to also learn like a designer to iterate. Iteration is a key skill. Until the next context gives you a new design brief. You will learn to get across and solve a problem if you know about power solving a problem of one way. If you develop the confidence to face any type of challenge because you will be able to know.

Once you are able to face any type of challenge with confidence because you will know exactly how to get through them. Learn how to get through any type of problem and not one or similar types of problems. Because the problems are going to be as complex as the future is going to be. What needs to be simple is how we make sense of ourselves.